Sunday, June 17, 2012

The missing link(s)

The Captain has become aware of a need. Many people are searching and searching for items and can never quite find them. These elusive missing link(s) could be hard to find. However, The Captain is here to solve these problems. The Captain has scoured the High Seas of the Internet and found several missing link(s) to share with you. These links are for a variety of purposes. News sites, other awesome blogs, Linux cheats, Geeking out, and on and on. So without further ado, other than this ado, I present to you the missing link(s). If you would like something added to this list, comment or message me, and The Captain will review your choice.

ThinkGeek provides for all your geeky habits. Slashdot is user submitted news links for a broad spectrum of interests but mostly Technology related news. Sourceforge and Freecode are databases of open source software. Sourceforge is for more general systems and Freecode is more specific to just Linux.

Next is Geekologie. This is a general blog written by GW. He may seem a bit off, but he is pretty awesome and shares a ton of interesting articles. And some of the stuff he may do while drunk. Sorry, had to GW. Most of the articles are geeky happenings or just some really cool videos. All in all, really awesome.

For some good geeky laughs, there is xkcd. This is a web comic that is posted three times a week and always provides for a good laugh. Also, watch out for the red spiders.

For even more laughs, Reddit exists. The front page of the Internet has comedy in all forms and is a special place to see. Just visit and enjoy is all I can say.

Another good news site, with some reviews and other stuff, is Tom's Hardware. This is also a network of sites. There are sites for guides on how to do stuff. A site to help find stuff cheap. A site for just general news. Provides some good information.

Another good humor site, as well as information about projects he cares about, check out George Takei. He also has Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest. Links on his site for those. Tons of great humor. And also just great to see how much he is involved with Allegiance and various other projects. It's ok to be Takei!

Now about open source. For too long people have been paying for software that they don't need to. Enter osalt. Select a catagory then it provides a long list. First are the commercial products, ie the ones you pay for. After this it provides a list of open source alternatives that get the job done for free.

Another good site to know is MakeUseOf. This site provides several cheat sheets and how to guides on a variety of topics, as well as general reviews about techy items and such. They also provide lists and lists of the best software or plugins for different programs. All of which have been reviewed by them. They even have some geek humor out there too. Oh and lots of giveaways.

And then if you are worrying about viruses, worry no more Avast! is here to save the day. They provide free anti-virus for all the OSes out there. There is even an upgrade option to pay for some extras, but the free version does just fine.

Now onto the big one that didn't almost get away. Linux, or more specifically Ubuntu, is a great OS that for some reason people just don't get or have an unnatural fear of. If you are just new to the Linux world, the Captain suggests starting off with Ubuntu.

This is a good basic OS for beginners and the advanced users. There are also several websites that provide some good information about Ubuntu. For a quite thorough guide, there is Ubuntu Guide. Provides specific how to's of various areas of Ubuntu. If you want to keep up with Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, this is his personal blog. For general happenings and news about Ubuntu, check out OMG! Ubuntu.

Enough about Ubuntu. Maybe you want to try another version of Linux but don't know which one to try. Check out DistroWatch. Name a flavor and they have information about it, as well as links to even more information.

Now you know some stuff about Ubuntu and Linux and you hear you can do things in the terminal window. But you are still confused about the commands. Enter SS64. This is for the bash shell commands, but they also have some other command lists as well.

Too much work, time to have fun. For some good flash games, check out Ninja Kiwi and Game in a Bottle. Both are smaller developers that produce some fantastic games. For a more general site that uploads all sorts of games, there is Armor Games. Search for games done by John, like Achievement Unlocked. Always a good time.

What about listening to musick? Pandora is wonderful Internet radio. You enter a few bands and it plays musick similar to what you entered. You either thumb up or down new songs which then helps Pandora to suggest other musick choices for you. The Captain's Station is where you can find all sorts of musick that I listen too. Too long to list them all.

That about wraps this list up for right now. Again, if you know of anything to be added, comment or message me and I will review the site.

~Captain Steak

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Cola Wars

I am not going to tell you which cola is better, or that this cola is more awesome than that one. Instead, take a look at the most recent ads of Pepsi and Coke. Which company would you rather support?
Seriously though, which of these companies would you rather support? Personally, Coke is a much better choice. One company shows the good things that people surprisingly still do. The other shows how hard you have to work to get their product. Coke's current motto is "Open Happiness". Pepsi's is "where there is pepsi, there is" insert something here. What more could be said?

Captain Steak