Wednesday, October 17, 2012

American Ride

Toby Keith with his single American Ride:

Winter gettin' colder, summer gettin' warmer
Tidal wave comin' cross the Mexican border
Why buy a gallon, it's cheaper by the barrel
Just don't get busted singin' christmas carols

That's us, that's right
Gotta love this American ride
Both ends of the ozone burnin'
Funny how the world keeps turning
Look ma, no hands
I love...This American Ride
Gotta love this American ride

Momma gets her rocks off watchin' Desperate Housewives
Daddy works his ass off payin' for the good life
Kids on the youtube learnin' how to be cool
Livin' in a cruel world, it pays to be a mean girl

That's us, that's right
Gotta love this American ride
Both ends of the ozone burnin'
Funny how the world keeps turning
Look ma, no hands
I love...This American Ride
Gotta love this American ride

Poor little infa-Miss America's down
She gained five pounds and lost her crown
Quick fix plastic surgical antidote
Got herself a record deal, can't even sing a note

Plasma gettin' bigger, Jesus gettin' smaller
Spill a cup of coffee make a million dollars
Customs got a thug with an aerosol can
If the shoe don't fit...the fits gonna hit the shan

That's us
That's right
Gotta love this American Ride
Both ends of the ozone burnin'
Funny how the world keeps turning
Hot damn
I love...this American ride

~Captain Steak <(")

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Instead of me spewing out my hate for Crapple, I am going to instead link you to this article that sums up Crapple fairly well.

~Captain Steak

Monday, September 3, 2012

R.I.P. Duncan

The world will miss Michael Clarke Duncan. He was an incredible actor with a true gift. He was always a great to fill the role of the big black guy with a warm heart. He will be missed R.I.P. Duncan.

~Captain Steak

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yay Election Season 2012

Warning: Thar be language ahead. Only two more months till the big election of 2012. About 9 months ago was when I got tired of the political bullshit. I for one say that no candidates are of any worth this year. The entire advertising and campaigning has turned into squabbling bullshitting over how much the other candidate sucks. Romney sucks. Obama sucks. Any other candidate probably also sucks. Have I offended you enough that you stopped reading yet? No. Damn, gonna have to try harder. Instead of actually campaigning, we are just gonna throw shit around and make ourselves seem like a god. This is the stance that both parties are taking right now. They both don't deserve the office. They are both scumbag. Sorry, scumbag for insulting you.

Good news everyone.
I now humbly present to you a few of my choices for a write in for this presidential season.

For the White Collar geeks out there:
Neal Caffrey for president and  Burke (Elizabeth, not Peter.) for vice.

For the Royal Pains geeks:
Lawson and Lawson
Hank and Evan, either one for either position
Campaign slogan: "How can we make your country feel better today?"
Slogan suggested by: Becky

For the Castle geeks:
Castle Beckett
not sure who should get the president and vice in this case

For the Stargate geeks:
Samantha Carter for president and Jonathan "Jack" O'neall for vice.

For the American Dad geeks:
Klaus Roger, need I say more?

For the Family Guy geeks:
Griffin Griffin
Stewie for president, Brain for vice

Firefly anyone?
Reynolds for president, Washbourne for vice.

And can't forget Back to the Future.
Doc Brown for president and Marty Mcfly for vice.

What about Dr. Who?
Who Dalek

What about Nintendo geeks?
Bowser for president, Mario for vice

We got Star Wars too.
Vader, Luke Skywalker

And Star Trek too.
Piccard for president and Kirk for vice. and Sec. of State would be Janeway.

And Futurama
Bender as president and Phillip Fry as vice.
Campaign slogan of "Bite my shiny metal ass!"
Slogan suggested by Becky. 

Now these are somewhat not real scenarios for president. Fine be that way. Here are some real write in options for ya.

Bill Nye for president and George Takei for vice
Campaign slogan: "Science!!!! Ohhhh My!!"
Slogan Suggested by Becky

Joss Whedon for president with Nathan Fillion for vice

or if all else fails:
Seth Macfarlane and David Hasselhoff

Any of these candidates would be a much better fit. Also this is still a work in progress. I am working on coming up with more options and campaign slogans. Any ideas will be recognized and added in.

~Captain Steak

Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong and Jerry Nelson

Further proof that my generation is aging. Two legends have passed this week. Jerry Nelson was prominent in several Muppet acts and Sesame Street, most famously the Count von Count. Neil Armstrong was one of the first men on the moon and a pioneer in several science industries.

The world will miss you both. RIP.

I am, and ever will be, a white socks, pocket-protector nerdy engineer – born under the law of thermodynamics, steeped in the steam tables, in love with free-flow dynamics, transformed by Laplace, and propelled by compressible flow. ~Neil Armstrong

~Captain Steak

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ahhh Browser Wars

While browsing the web, I came across a great image about the browser wars. But before I get to that image, I am going to first share the original images. First up is the epic battle of Firefox vs. Chrome.

To add to this epic battle, the browsers as kids.
Then comes the last picture, which takes the top image and an edited bottom image.
All in all, great pictures that, to the Captain, depict this battle quite accurately. One thing to point out about Internet Explorer. They are the only browser to come pre-installed on the current number 1 OS of Windows. Yet despite this, can you guess which one opts to invest in TV ads? That's right. Internet Explorer, the number one browser to download Firefox, or Chrome if you insist.

~Captain Steak

Friday, July 27, 2012

Save Our Balls!

This is a follow up article to yesterday's about Bucky Balls. I signed up for their newsletter and this was the image the email had:
The learn more link goes to a new page about how the CPSC is busting our balls and that Bucky Balls is going to "fight hard to keep our products on the market... and our balls in your hands." There is also a video on this page which explains things further out. All in all though, great video with some great truths in it.
Magnets and other "deadly" products are not the problem. Irresponsible people are the problem.
And also, I strongly encourage, as the video suggests, to stick it to the CPSC and buy some balls, or cubes.

~Captain Steak

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bucky Balls

Yes, this is a post all about balls. Big balls, regular balls, gold balls, black balls, purple balls, green balls, pink balls, the list goes on.
If you have not heard of Bucky Balls, is that a comfy rock you have been living under?
In a nut shell, these balls are a rare earth magnet that are marketed as an adult product, or not intended for kids. Despite this fact, kids still play with them. Big surprise there. Since we also live in a society that enjoys placing blame on anything except the actual cause, Bucky Balls is now getting sued. The reason? Irresponsible parents that let their kids play with these balls and then swallow them.
This is the state that the USA is in now. We encourage irresponsibility while also the Government is supposedly protecting our interests.
What is Bucky Balls response to all of this? In a word: Pissed.
If you go here, you can read a press release of theirs.
Also at the top of this page is a great paragraph which I will share here:

You might have heard there's a problem with our products... 


A government agency (the Consumer Product Safety Commission) is saying they should be recalled because children occasionally get ahold of them. This is unfair. We market exclusively to adults. We are vigorously defending our right to market these products you love. Let us know how you feel about this: Comment on Facebook; send a tweet; tell your friends; complain loudly; or just buy a set to stick it to the CPSC. Read more here.

End Quote

And go figure, there is a petition to fight the CPSC.
If you go to Bucky Balls site, you can find out even more information about this. Personally, I side with them on this issue. This is a product that is marketed for adults. This is a product that has, I believe, 5 warning labels on the actual package. This is just a great example of why should we watch what our kids do? We don't want to be responsible for shit. Welcome to the USA, here is your summons.

~Captain Steak

Friday, July 20, 2012

You just never know

High school is always a fun time. You meet a whole bunch of people. You get some friends. You lose contact with some people. You just never know what might happen to some people. While browsing through Facebook, I noticed someone shared a link to an EP called Lines. After going to this site, I find out that this EP is done by Jane Marczewski. This a woman that was a couple grades behind me in high school. You just never know what people might do after high school.

Anyway. follow that site and you can download her new EP for free and also tip her some money if you like. Personally, I knew from high school that she had an amazing voice and passion for music. Now that she is slowly breaking out onto the music scene, it is rather incredible to think about. Enough from me, now go listen and download her EP. Captain's orders.

EP Download Site and also her Facebook page

~Captain Steak

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Declaration of Internet Freedom

This is exactly what it sounds like. A declaration stating that we have rights and that our interwebz should be free. I was going to explain this out more, but the email I recieved has a email template for sharing. This does a lot better job of detailing it, complete with a link so you can sign it as well. Enjoy.

"Dear Friend,
People in power are making political decisions behind closed doors about how the Internet should operate and they’re doing this without the involvement of actual Internet users.

The result: bills like SOPA and CISPA that could close down the open Internet and destroy our freedom to connect.

It’s time for us to reclaim the Internet. It’s time to declare our Internet freedom.

Lawmakers around the world must stand with us to protect the open Internet. And Internet users must be involved — from the start — in shaping policies that affect our experience online.

Add your signature to the Declaration of Internet Freedom today. Then tell the world why the open Internet matters to you.

Captain Steak

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The missing link(s)

The Captain has become aware of a need. Many people are searching and searching for items and can never quite find them. These elusive missing link(s) could be hard to find. However, The Captain is here to solve these problems. The Captain has scoured the High Seas of the Internet and found several missing link(s) to share with you. These links are for a variety of purposes. News sites, other awesome blogs, Linux cheats, Geeking out, and on and on. So without further ado, other than this ado, I present to you the missing link(s). If you would like something added to this list, comment or message me, and The Captain will review your choice.

ThinkGeek provides for all your geeky habits. Slashdot is user submitted news links for a broad spectrum of interests but mostly Technology related news. Sourceforge and Freecode are databases of open source software. Sourceforge is for more general systems and Freecode is more specific to just Linux.

Next is Geekologie. This is a general blog written by GW. He may seem a bit off, but he is pretty awesome and shares a ton of interesting articles. And some of the stuff he may do while drunk. Sorry, had to GW. Most of the articles are geeky happenings or just some really cool videos. All in all, really awesome.

For some good geeky laughs, there is xkcd. This is a web comic that is posted three times a week and always provides for a good laugh. Also, watch out for the red spiders.

For even more laughs, Reddit exists. The front page of the Internet has comedy in all forms and is a special place to see. Just visit and enjoy is all I can say.

Another good news site, with some reviews and other stuff, is Tom's Hardware. This is also a network of sites. There are sites for guides on how to do stuff. A site to help find stuff cheap. A site for just general news. Provides some good information.

Another good humor site, as well as information about projects he cares about, check out George Takei. He also has Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest. Links on his site for those. Tons of great humor. And also just great to see how much he is involved with Allegiance and various other projects. It's ok to be Takei!

Now about open source. For too long people have been paying for software that they don't need to. Enter osalt. Select a catagory then it provides a long list. First are the commercial products, ie the ones you pay for. After this it provides a list of open source alternatives that get the job done for free.

Another good site to know is MakeUseOf. This site provides several cheat sheets and how to guides on a variety of topics, as well as general reviews about techy items and such. They also provide lists and lists of the best software or plugins for different programs. All of which have been reviewed by them. They even have some geek humor out there too. Oh and lots of giveaways.

And then if you are worrying about viruses, worry no more Avast! is here to save the day. They provide free anti-virus for all the OSes out there. There is even an upgrade option to pay for some extras, but the free version does just fine.

Now onto the big one that didn't almost get away. Linux, or more specifically Ubuntu, is a great OS that for some reason people just don't get or have an unnatural fear of. If you are just new to the Linux world, the Captain suggests starting off with Ubuntu.

This is a good basic OS for beginners and the advanced users. There are also several websites that provide some good information about Ubuntu. For a quite thorough guide, there is Ubuntu Guide. Provides specific how to's of various areas of Ubuntu. If you want to keep up with Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, this is his personal blog. For general happenings and news about Ubuntu, check out OMG! Ubuntu.

Enough about Ubuntu. Maybe you want to try another version of Linux but don't know which one to try. Check out DistroWatch. Name a flavor and they have information about it, as well as links to even more information.

Now you know some stuff about Ubuntu and Linux and you hear you can do things in the terminal window. But you are still confused about the commands. Enter SS64. This is for the bash shell commands, but they also have some other command lists as well.

Too much work, time to have fun. For some good flash games, check out Ninja Kiwi and Game in a Bottle. Both are smaller developers that produce some fantastic games. For a more general site that uploads all sorts of games, there is Armor Games. Search for games done by John, like Achievement Unlocked. Always a good time.

What about listening to musick? Pandora is wonderful Internet radio. You enter a few bands and it plays musick similar to what you entered. You either thumb up or down new songs which then helps Pandora to suggest other musick choices for you. The Captain's Station is where you can find all sorts of musick that I listen too. Too long to list them all.

That about wraps this list up for right now. Again, if you know of anything to be added, comment or message me and I will review the site.

~Captain Steak

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Cola Wars

I am not going to tell you which cola is better, or that this cola is more awesome than that one. Instead, take a look at the most recent ads of Pepsi and Coke. Which company would you rather support?
Seriously though, which of these companies would you rather support? Personally, Coke is a much better choice. One company shows the good things that people surprisingly still do. The other shows how hard you have to work to get their product. Coke's current motto is "Open Happiness". Pepsi's is "where there is pepsi, there is" insert something here. What more could be said?

Captain Steak

Friday, May 25, 2012

Marri Age for all

So, when it comes to certain issues, I have no problem stating my mind. Will it piss people off? Possibly. Does The Captain care? Not a damn bit.
My thoughts on equality: Why the hell are we squabbling over meaningless issues? Marriage should be for any couple that is in love. This could be a man and a man, a man and a woman, or a woman and a woman. As I have seen several people post and say, "What will these protestors look like in 50 some years? What will we remember about them?" For a good reference, just think back when the minorities stood up for equality, mainly the African Americans. Looking back at that whole fiasco, many state that we were idiots for fighting over that for so long. How is this any different? This is after all the Home of the Free, ain't it? Why are we one of the last nations to make this law?
I am in full support of Equal Marriage for All. This article provides an interesting take on the issue that may make you change your mind.
As a final note, consider Clint Eastwood's sentiments on this issue:
"These people who are making a big deal about gay marriage?
I don't give a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody
else! Why not?!
We're making a big deal out of things we shouldn't be making a
deal out of. Just give everybody the chance to have the life
they want."

~Captain Steak

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yay for Geeks!

Saw this and thought I would share. If you are wondering, The Captain does not fit into just one of these molds. The Captain fits into many.

~Captain Steak

The Sacred Order of Geeks
Source: BCO

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As many of you may or may not know, I have a huge fondness for Ubuntu. Every six months a new Ubuntu version is released. After each release there is a summit to discuss the next version and the next set of features. Before this summit, people are able to pick the brain of Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu. The questions were intriguing, but to my mind this question stood out the most. The answer to it is just more reason to love Ubuntu. Ubuntu is here to build our future. Also, follow the questions link to read the rest of the Q&A session.

~Captain Steak

Q: What do you think about Windows 8? Have you tried it? Do you think that it is a big chance for Ubuntu?

Mark: I admire some of the gutsy choices microsoft are making.
It’s difficult for them, and they are doing some things very well
credit where it is due.
We are not here because we hate anybody else.
We’re here because we have a vision of a future only we can create.
Nobody else is trying to create that – not Microsoft(!), not Google, not Red Hat, not Debian, not Arch
so, it’s up to us to build that future: free, supportable, beautiful
 and your help is much appreciated.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time for some reviews

This past month I have had the pleasure of playing, reading, and watching something that was incredible.
First up is the playing. My fiance has a friend who happens to be a programmer. He recently released his very first game, Omegalodon. Check out the link for the description of the game. My take on the game is that it's a uniquely original concept. The controls are fairly basic and the objective easy. Overall, the game can provide for long hours of enjoyment. If you have not yet played it, why not?

The reading is a trilogy by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. The books are incredible reads and very engrossing. After taking a few days to get through the first one, I then finished the last two in a mater of a couple of days. There is action, comedy, tragedy, romance, and the Capitol. The books were nothing short of amazing. If you have not yet read them, why not?

The watching is the movie that is based off of the first book of the above trilogy. Before going into the movie, I read up on some facts about the movie. It had shattered box office records just at the midnight premiere. The movie's opening weekend went on to shatter even more records. The theatre I want to still has it playing on four screens despite having opened over three weeks ago. So is this just hype or is the movie that great?

You don't need to read the book first, but the book does help explain some things in the movie. The movie itself was mind-blowing. I will not go into detail of the movie as I do not want to spoil anything. But the movie is worth every penny. It might be over two hours long, but by the time it's over it feels only like an hour. The movie just draws you in and makes you feel everyone's pain. If you have not yet seen it, why not?

~May the odds be ever in your favor.

~Captain Steak

Friday, March 9, 2012

past, future, present

why do people always dwell on the past?
the past is past, no one can change the past
the past is only used for knowing and understanding

and dont dwell on the future, its in the future
yes by thinking of the future you can plan
and hope to get to that future, but thats a long shot

instead lets dwell on the present
for if we dwell on the present, we can change our future
the present is used for ensuring that we have a better future

Destiny and Fate

What is destiny?
What is fate?
Can we change our destiny or our fate?
Are they not what make us?
And make us do what we do?

Destiny and fate are the paths of our life.
Our destiny chooses our fate.
Our fate makes the paths of our destiny clear,
And can open up new paths of destiny.
Destiny can help us understand our fate.

What is destiny?
It is by our own choice,
Which path we take.
It is by our own choice
That we are where we are.

What is fate?
Fate cannot be changed;
Fate chooses the paths we take.
It is by our fate that
We are where we are.

What is destiny?
What is fate?
Our destiny is ours to choose.
Fate is where we end up,
No matter what we do.


Why do we believe what we believe?
Why do we believe that water is actually water?
Why do we believe that 2+2=4?
Why do we believe that gravity exists?

Why do we believe that the earth is round?
Why do we believe that the sun is the center of the universe?
Why do we believe that there only 8 planets in our solar system?
Why do we believe that men have travelled to outer space?
Why do we believe that man has actually walked on the moon?

Why do we believe the news that we hear?
Why do we believe that Hitler was an evil man?
Why do we believe that Oswald shot Kennedy?
Why do we believe that Booth shot Lincoln?
Why do we believe that Columbus discovered America?

Why do we believe some of what we read and hear?
And yet don’t believe some of what we read and hear?

So the question to you, yes you,
The one that is reading this, is
Why do you believe what you believe?

Do you believe these events and stories
Because you witnessed them firsthand?
Or do you believe these stories
Because they are taught in school
And you have to believe them in order to get on with your life?

Next time someone spins a fancy tale
Remember this and ask yourself
Why do I believe what I believe?

The Invisible Power

What is this Power?
It will take the young and the old,
The sick and the healthy,
The poor and the rich.

Where is this Power found?
It will find you whether
You have a job or not,
If you have a home or not,
If you have a car or not.

What could this Power be?
It stops at nothing.
It does not care who you are,
Where you have been, or
How you got to where you are now.

What is this invisible Power?
Could it be a man in a murderous rage?
Where is this invisible Power found?
Could it be a wild animal gone berserk?
What could this invisible Power be?
If not man or beast, than what?

What is this invisible Power?
Death will take them all.
Where is this invisible Power found?
Death is not found, but will find you.
What is this invisible Power?

This invisible Power is Death.
Death does not care who you are,
Nor where you have been,
Nor how you got where you are now.
Death will always find you and come for you.

Who am I?

Who am I?
I  have become what I want to be.

I did not know what I believed in,
so I sat down and decided what I
do believe in.

I did not know what I wanted to do,
so I sat down and examined what
I could be.

I did not know how far I could go,
but if I just keep telling myself,
“Carry on. Just one more step.”
I can go as far as I want.

I did not know what musick to
listen to and enjoy.
So I sat down and began to
listen to the options.

I now know what I believe in,
I now know what I want to do,
I now know how far I can go,
I now know what musick I like.

So who am I?
I am none other than
Cap’n Steak,
the proudest hillbilly
pirate, geek that you
have ever met.

Who are you?
Are you sure of your beliefs?
Are you sure of what you want to do?
Are you sure of how far you can go?
Are you sure of what musick you listen to?
So who are you?

Friday, March 2, 2012

What the hell has happened?

Before I get into this post, I am going to lay out a few ground rules. If you are offended easily, GTFO! I am not going to name any companies for the fact that they could sue over this. This is all my personal opinion. I may be wrong, but this is some interesting facts to really think about. I am not looking to start a war, but feel free to disagree with this or provide some feedback of your own. This is about the society of where I live which is the United States of America. I do not know if this is accurate worldwide. Now onto the good stuff.

The question before me is "What the hell has happened to our society?" How have we become a society of self-centeredness and impatience? How have we become a society that we believe that we know everything and how dare someone tell me I am wrong? As a note here again, I am not saying that I am right, but again some interesting facts to think about.

The first item to cover is being sued. Seriously, what gives you the right to sue a homeowner if you break into their house and break your leg? What gives you the right to sue a company because you ordered a hot coffee and burned yourself on it? What gives you the right to sue a company because you eat there three times a day and do hardly any exercise and you get fat? What gives you the right to sue someone if you are agitating their dog and the dog bites you?
There are several factors that have helped shape our society into the mess that it is today. First fact to consider is the impatience. In my opinion, this is a result of a fast food chain that began to embrace the true essence of fast food. They began to deliver food rather quickly but then several other fast food chains wanted in on the pie. Thus began a war of how fast can we deliver the customer's food. Over several years, customers became accustomed to fast service and now how dare they have to wait. Fast food chains are not the only culprits of this, but are the biggest example. Grocery stores have also tried to ensure that customers will get in and out in record time. Gas stations have also adopted the same philosophy. So with all these places now offering fast service, why should we have to wait? We want it now!

The next fact is the self-centeredness. This came as a result of a major grocery/department store that offers lots of rollbacks. They first introduced the concept of the customer is always right, which is one of the most flawed policies ever. As this began to take effect, what would happen? Of course, the competitors would want in on the pie and would start saying that the customer is right and give them whatever. Over the years customers got used to this and began to believe that I am the most important person in this company and they will do whatever to get my business. So what if what I want breaks the law? I am the customer! I am right!

Next up is the belief that we know everything. There are several factors that just affect this one belief. The first factor of this is the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. This was intended to be an act to help bring the kids that were failing in school up to better grades. Instead, this act just lowered the standards and now public schools started giving these failing students passes to move on and graduate. It doesn't matter if you know the subject or not, you can still pass. Another factor that has affected this is that people are in general similar to a sponge. They soak up all kinds of knowledge. Without a proper education, people don't know what is fact and what is meant to be fiction. Add to this all of the trash that gets aired on TV. Add to this everything that gets put out on the Internet. What we come up with is that people begin to believe everything the TV or the Internet says. No matter how ridiculous something may seem, we will still believe it. Celebrity death hoaxes ring any bells?

Thanks to the Internet, information can spread like a wildfire. This happens whether the information is false or not. Thanks to the Internet, we can now spy on all our enemies and friends and know what they are doing. Why bother actually calling or visiting people anymore when you can spy on them?

Mix all of these facts together and you come up with a fairly accurate picture of what our society has become. You begin to see the grand spiral towards inevitable disaster. Is there any way to fix this?

The way to help solve this is to rise above. Go against the crowd. So what if you have to wait five extra seconds for your burger? It is not going to kill you. Just because you are a customer, don't take advantage of a business. Respect them and they will respect you. Don't believe everything you hear and see on TV and the Internet. Do some of your own research and find out whether this fact is true. That one friend you never talk to? Pick up the phone and call him. Or possibly just make some time and go hang out.

If our society continues in this spiral what kind of condition will the next generation be in? Do we just let them take care of our issues? Or do we take a stand and say no more?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A fun filled trip to Easton

Today, my girlfriend and I ventured forth to Easton to do some shopping. While there we went to the most incredible restaurant. EVAR! I am referring of course to BD's Mongolian Grill. A unique stir fry experience awaits. After the server brings you a bowl, you than venture to the bar that is split into four stations. Station 1 is the meats and pasta. I did not try the pasta, but the meats were amazing. There was sausage, meatballs, NY strip steak, sirloin, shrimp, and scallops just to name a few. After you get enough meat, you than move onto station 2, which is where all the veggies hang out. Some that I tried, but not in the same bowl, include pineapple, cilantro, corn, onions, and mushrooms to name a fraction of the offerings. The third station was the sauce and spice station. You got to pick from a variety of sauces, or maybe mix a few together, and a variety of what spices you want. After this, you than pass your bowl to a grill master at station 4. The stir fry gets grilled and you get to watch the grillaz do some nifty tricks. After a few minutes on the grill, they then plate the food and pass it back to you. You then go back to your chair and enjoy.

Now after you understand the process, the combos that you can create and nearly infinite. The quality of the food was outstanding. Pricing was fair. And the service was phenomenal. This was the first time that I had ever been to BD's but after my first plate, I am now a believer.
The Captain highly recommends this place to anyone that has not tried it. And if you are thinking that it is not your cup of tea, go try it anyway.

~Captain Steak

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blood Brothers By Manowar

A moving song from the Kings of Metal:

When the world turns you away
A friend will not say no
There is strength that we all have
It's not the strength we show

And in your darkest hour
In your darkest nights
Whatever life will do
I am here for you

Think of me wherever you are
When it seems like you're reaching the end
Call on me, know in your heart
On one you can always depend
I am thy friend

Though we're far away
The stars above are the same
And when you feel alone
There's one who shares your pain

A true friend has no price
There is none to pay
I remember you stood by me
I'm with you all the way

Think of me wherever you are
When it seems like you're reaching the end
Call on me, know in your heart
One who will always defend
I am thy friend

Think of me wherever you are
When it seems like you're reaching the end
Call on me, know in your heart
On one you can always depend
I am thy friend

Think of me wherever you are
When it seems like you're reaching the end
Call on me, know in your heart
One who will always defend
I am thy friend

~Captain Steak

Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA and PIPA: The Blackout

January 18, 2012 was a day for the history books. Several sites went black in protest to these two pieces of legislation. The result was tremendous. The phone systems at Congress were heavily overloaded and nearly crashed.
For more info, I have provided several links:

(A video about Pipa)
(Several news links about the protest in general)
(another blogger's thoughts on SOPA)
(Interesting article that helps explain SOPA in layman terms)
(To see the full list of participating sites)

Now after reading up on this, you could be asking yourself, Did the Protest work?
I just provide you with two simple article links that posted:
The answer is of course yes. Several Congressmen have changed their opinions on where they stand. We have gained a small victory. But the battle is not over. If you go to that site, you can find a timeline about these bills. There is still going to be a vote over them.
Lastly, I leave you with these two final links:
(Pirate Bay press release about the issue)
(I have provided some photos of the blacked out sites)

EDIT: An interesting article from Wikipedia

EDIT EDIT: The chairman of the MPAA and his thoughts on the blackout
A petition to investigate said chairman of bribery
and lastly, the small defeat of sopa

~Captain Steak

Monday, January 16, 2012


For those who have not heard of these two colossal pieces of legislative crap, Google them for complete details. In a nutshell, these acts would install a Great Firewall of America and severely cripple our Internet. So what is the response to this?
Several sites, myself included, are supporting a Strike Against Sopa. (
Basically, several sites are going black on January 18, 2012. This could be a huge impact. However, I am issuing a challenge to one and all. Go offline the entire day of the 18. Show your support for Anti-SOPA!
I am going to be completely offline that day. Who will stand up and go offline? Who will help stop this from becoming law? The choice is up to you.
Also, if you do Google SOPA, you will find plenty of sites on how to go on strike and more details about that. You can also write to your Congress leaders as well.

Captain Steak

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my blog. This blog is going to be some random thoughts that go through my mind. These could be some poems that I write or some rants and ramblings about various aspects of what is happening in my life. Perhaps just posting some lyrics of songs or maybe some poems that I just read. The main factor behind this, and possibly going to be my first rant, is my growing annoyance with social networking. How often will this blog be updated? I am going to try to post something once a week but no guarantee. With all of that out of the way, welcome to the wierd, black hole like, no holds barred mind of the captain.

Captain Steak