Sunday, February 5, 2012

A fun filled trip to Easton

Today, my girlfriend and I ventured forth to Easton to do some shopping. While there we went to the most incredible restaurant. EVAR! I am referring of course to BD's Mongolian Grill. A unique stir fry experience awaits. After the server brings you a bowl, you than venture to the bar that is split into four stations. Station 1 is the meats and pasta. I did not try the pasta, but the meats were amazing. There was sausage, meatballs, NY strip steak, sirloin, shrimp, and scallops just to name a few. After you get enough meat, you than move onto station 2, which is where all the veggies hang out. Some that I tried, but not in the same bowl, include pineapple, cilantro, corn, onions, and mushrooms to name a fraction of the offerings. The third station was the sauce and spice station. You got to pick from a variety of sauces, or maybe mix a few together, and a variety of what spices you want. After this, you than pass your bowl to a grill master at station 4. The stir fry gets grilled and you get to watch the grillaz do some nifty tricks. After a few minutes on the grill, they then plate the food and pass it back to you. You then go back to your chair and enjoy.

Now after you understand the process, the combos that you can create and nearly infinite. The quality of the food was outstanding. Pricing was fair. And the service was phenomenal. This was the first time that I had ever been to BD's but after my first plate, I am now a believer.
The Captain highly recommends this place to anyone that has not tried it. And if you are thinking that it is not your cup of tea, go try it anyway.

~Captain Steak

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