Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yay Election Season 2012

Warning: Thar be language ahead. Only two more months till the big election of 2012. About 9 months ago was when I got tired of the political bullshit. I for one say that no candidates are of any worth this year. The entire advertising and campaigning has turned into squabbling bullshitting over how much the other candidate sucks. Romney sucks. Obama sucks. Any other candidate probably also sucks. Have I offended you enough that you stopped reading yet? No. Damn, gonna have to try harder. Instead of actually campaigning, we are just gonna throw shit around and make ourselves seem like a god. This is the stance that both parties are taking right now. They both don't deserve the office. They are both scumbag. Sorry, scumbag for insulting you.

Good news everyone.
I now humbly present to you a few of my choices for a write in for this presidential season.

For the White Collar geeks out there:
Neal Caffrey for president and  Burke (Elizabeth, not Peter.) for vice.

For the Royal Pains geeks:
Lawson and Lawson
Hank and Evan, either one for either position
Campaign slogan: "How can we make your country feel better today?"
Slogan suggested by: Becky

For the Castle geeks:
Castle Beckett
not sure who should get the president and vice in this case

For the Stargate geeks:
Samantha Carter for president and Jonathan "Jack" O'neall for vice.

For the American Dad geeks:
Klaus Roger, need I say more?

For the Family Guy geeks:
Griffin Griffin
Stewie for president, Brain for vice

Firefly anyone?
Reynolds for president, Washbourne for vice.

And can't forget Back to the Future.
Doc Brown for president and Marty Mcfly for vice.

What about Dr. Who?
Who Dalek

What about Nintendo geeks?
Bowser for president, Mario for vice

We got Star Wars too.
Vader, Luke Skywalker

And Star Trek too.
Piccard for president and Kirk for vice. and Sec. of State would be Janeway.

And Futurama
Bender as president and Phillip Fry as vice.
Campaign slogan of "Bite my shiny metal ass!"
Slogan suggested by Becky. 

Now these are somewhat not real scenarios for president. Fine be that way. Here are some real write in options for ya.

Bill Nye for president and George Takei for vice
Campaign slogan: "Science!!!! Ohhhh My!!"
Slogan Suggested by Becky

Joss Whedon for president with Nathan Fillion for vice

or if all else fails:
Seth Macfarlane and David Hasselhoff

Any of these candidates would be a much better fit. Also this is still a work in progress. I am working on coming up with more options and campaign slogans. Any ideas will be recognized and added in.

~Captain Steak

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