Friday, July 20, 2012

You just never know

High school is always a fun time. You meet a whole bunch of people. You get some friends. You lose contact with some people. You just never know what might happen to some people. While browsing through Facebook, I noticed someone shared a link to an EP called Lines. After going to this site, I find out that this EP is done by Jane Marczewski. This a woman that was a couple grades behind me in high school. You just never know what people might do after high school.

Anyway. follow that site and you can download her new EP for free and also tip her some money if you like. Personally, I knew from high school that she had an amazing voice and passion for music. Now that she is slowly breaking out onto the music scene, it is rather incredible to think about. Enough from me, now go listen and download her EP. Captain's orders.

EP Download Site and also her Facebook page

~Captain Steak

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